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Vedic Services Annual Membership

 Membership Fee:


PDF Form


Name (Last, First):        Surname: 

Occupation:             Citizenship:

Street Address:               City:    MJ. Intersection:

Province/State:                Postal/Zip Code:    



    Res.:   Bus.:   Cell:  


Marital Status:  


Family Gothram:  



Name Relation English DOB


Star Rasi


I would like to become a member.

Yes              No     

Method of Payment:  

I am        the cheque to 671 Esprit Crescent, Mississauga Ontario, L5R 3B9, Canada.


**Membership shall expire on the 31st of December every year, regardless of the submission date of the membership form. Renewal Subscription fee collection for the following calendar year will begin on January 1st. Membership cards will be issued and can be mailed or collected personally**





Click for details ---> Athi Rudhram By Sri Bala Krishna Sastrigal

From July 27th to July 30th & From Aug 4th to Aug 7th, 2017

(Yajur Upakarma on Aug 7th, 2017 @ Middlefield Drive, Scarborough)

Conducted By: Sri Balakrishna Sastrigal

Maha Sankalpam ---> maha-sankalpam-07.mp3 (audio)

Chamakam.wav (audio)

N.B: 1. Individuals must bring Pancha Pathram, UdharNi, Ellu (Black Thil) & Akshadhai (Rice), Dhoti, Pattu Veshti, Angavasthram

2.  Please print the upakarma scripts from the site ( to ease chanting

3.  kAmokA rishith japam is not applicable to Talai Avani Avittam Brahmacharees

4.  Rice, Dhal, Jaggery, Beatel Leaves, Nuts, Fruits etc can also be offerred as DakshiNai in addition to money

5.  Vadhyar Sambhavanai: For Upakarma: $25 per person, For Tala Avani Avittam: $50 per person

Click here for details ------> BodhAyana Brahma Yagnam

Click here for details ------> Rig Veda Deva Rishi TharpaNam

Click here for details ----> RIG VEDA UPAKARMA TEXT-  Aug 28th, 2017 (INDIA)

Click here for details -------> YAJUR VEDA & RIG VEDAUPAKARMA TEXT - Aug 7, 2017 - CANADA &  USA

(In India as well, if performed on August 7th).  Some people may perform on September 6th due to lunar eclipse)

Click here for details ------>  GAYATHRI HOMAM /JAPAM TEXT - Aug 8th, 2017 - (FOR ALL VEDAS)

Click here for details --------> SAMA VEDA UPAKARMA - Aug 24th, 2017 (CANADA & USA)

Click here for details --------> SAMA VEDA UPAKARMA - Aug 25th, 2017 (India)

Click here for details ---------> YAJUR VEDA UPAKARMA TEXT - Sep 6, 2017 (INDIA)

  Procedure Youtube link----> - Samaveda upakarma

Click here ----->  Upakarma Routine (PDF DOC)



Name (Last, First):                    Surname:

Street Address:                    City:    MJ. Intersection:

Province/State:                   Postal/Zip Code:         Country:  

Telephone:    Res:   Bus:   Cell:  



Marital Status:       Family Gothram:       Cast:     

1).  I would like to register and confirm that I will attend the Avani Avittam / Upakarma event and am wiling to contribute Vadhyar Sambhavanai / Dakshinai (MINIMUM $25 PER PERSON) to SAVECA Canada (Cash or Cheque accepted). Please indicate # of attendees:

Contact Person: Vish      Tel No: 905-501-0346 Residence    Cell No: 416-836-5464

Guest's Details                                         Contribution:                   

2).  I would like to SPONSOR the above event and would like to donate to Saveca Canada:       

3).  Boys who had their upanayanam last year or this year could have their "Thalai Avani Avittam" performed at the same location (Vadhyar DakshiNai will be $50 - Cash or Cheque payable to Saveca Canada).  I would like to perform "Thalai Avani Avittam" for my son

4).  Your Suggestions/comments!            





Note: Please forward this information among your friends circle so that they could avail this great opportunity of attending this ceremony, organized by Saveca Canada.  


Where did you hear about our organization?

Thank you for your usual support!



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