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We are in the process of hiring a new Vadhyar/Priest from lndia. 

In order to justify hiring and employing a Vadhyar/Sastrigal from India, please fill in the under mentioned questionnaire/form.  The Vadhyar will be an employee of this organization & will be compensated decently to live in Canada. We had hired an experienced and knowledgeable priest from India in the year 2006.  Due to unavoidable circumstances, we were forced to terminate his services. This organization is here to serve the community with good and quality services for a good cause at a very reasonable cost/fee (to meet the expenses of the Vadhyar and admin costs) & also to provide any vedic services when in need.  

We need your full & genuine support to run such services  as we do not have financial support of any corporate or individual sponsors. 

 Vadhyar,  we hire from India will conduct all the Hindu religious functions, to name a few:

Gruha Pravesham, Ayushya Homam & all the other homams, Seemandham, KalyaNam, Poonal, Sashti Abta Poorthy, Bheema Ratha Shanthy, Sathabishekham, Avani Avittam, Udhaka Shanthi japams, Rudhrabhishekam, Vahana Pooja, PuNyaha Vachanam, Naama KaraNam etc

Bhagawathi Sevai (Kerala Sampradhayam)

hiraNya/sankalpa srAdham, homa srAdham

Veda classes to teach rudram, chamakam, upanyAsam, sandhyA vandhanam etc

Your input is invaluable for statistics collection

Would you like to join for annual membership for services? :

Willing to contribute annual membership fee towards the vedic services:

Name (First, Last): 


Contact Number: 

City: Province: 

List Services Required for your family:


Frequency of services (# required in the year):


Services given by the local Vadhyars/Sastrigals:

Dakshina/Fee of local Vadhyars/Sarstrigals: 

Any other information/comments/suggestions you will like to provide?:


Thank you!



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